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How to Win at SEO Marketing

How to Win at SEO Marketing

When it comes to building your business’s online presence, search marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. But how do you ensure that your website is getting the clicks it deserves?

Just read on as we share our top tips for search marketing in 2020—and how the Florida web design team at Zgraph can help you accomplish (and exceed) your goals for the year ahead! Take a look.

The Power of a First-Page Google Ranking

Designing a custom website is a great first step on your way to a thriving online presence—but don’t stop there! Being accessible through Google search results can help you reach potential customers you haven’t even met yet—and being on the first page of those results is an especially powerful position. According to Moz, a leading marketing software company, websites on the first page of Google results generate at least 71 percent of organic search traffic. A No. 1 spot on that first page is even more attractive, generating about 33 percent of traffic (which represents an enormous share of clicks and, of course, potential dollars spent at your business).

As you can see, having a website is a great first step—but optimizing it to reach the first page (and first spot) of Google results can make all the difference!

Start Now: It Takes Time

First-page rankings don’t happen by accident, and they don’t happen overnight. It takes time to cultivate a good spot, so get started now! Even if you have other endeavors you’d like to achieve on your website (such as tweaking your design, adding new features or starting a newsletter), you don’t need to wait for these to be completed to get started on your search marketing efforts. Start early and watch as your ranking climbs over time.

Up Your Content: It Affects Your Placement

Having enough quality written content on your website can help lead to healthy rankings, so be sure to keep this in mind during your search marketing endeavors. (Tip: Your dedicated Zgraph team can help craft quality copy that promotes your business, speaks to your customers in a unique voice, and achieves higher rankings through search-friendly style!)

Measure Goals & Conversions

Keeping track of your search marketing progress is essential, because it gives you a clear understanding of where you’ve been, where you are, and where you can go. Through our custom tracking services and regular reports, your Zgraph team can keep you up to date on every step of your search journey.

Build Authority

When you build a credible online presence, and establish your business as an authority in your industry, you can get even more out of your search traffic. You can add authority to your website in many ways. In terms of copy, we can help you craft a confident "about" page as well as credible information about your products or services. Another key area where we can amplify your authority (and, as a result, your ranking) is through link building. When other trustworthy websites link back to yours, Google tends to see this as a sign of authority, which plays a role in raising your site's ranking. 

Tackle Technical SEO

Like its name might suggest, technical SEO is about the behind-the-scenes setup of your website. This is an area where programming comes into play. Our custom websites are built to best reflect Google's preference for certain navigation styles, the headings and menus of your website and other technical features that contribute to a better ranking.

Improve Your Conversion Rate

Because search marketing efforts will lead to more and more people seeing your site, you will want to put those visits to good use! This is where your conversion rate comes in. Your site's conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors. For example, if a law office receives 500 website visitors in a month and has 50 inquiries from new clients through the website, the conversion rate would be 50 divided by 500, or 10%.

A conversion can refer to any desired action that you want the visitor to take. This can include anything from filling out a contact form, to clicking on a button, to making a purchase and becoming a customer.

Bolster your conversion rate and ensure that your new audience has an easy way to take action on your website. As we work to maximize your search marketing potential, our team of web design professionals can also work to improve your website through convenient contact forms and other links that lead to conversion success.

Don't Automatically Count Out Ads

A large part of our search marketing efforts revolves around organic traffic—in other words, the more optimized your site is for Google rankings, the higher it will appear on the list of results. But don’t forget about ads, too! This is another great way to direct visitors to your site, and we can even optimize ads to reach the right audience and provide convenient links for customers to follow directly from the results page. Wondering if this approach is right for you? We’re here to help! As your go-to search professionals, our team can help strategize to find the perfect solution for your unique needs.

Are you ready to make a search marketing splash in 2020 and beyond? With these tips and the strategies we bring to the table, you will be equipped to build your business’s reputation online and off. Just call us today to receive a free consultation!

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