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5 Tips to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website

5 Tips to Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website

So you’ve finally perfected your company's website! Now, you may be wondering: Is my audience able to find me?

Your website deserves as many visits as possible—so if you’re not receiving those numbers, it’s time for a change. Here are five tips to consider when your website is not generating enough traffic. Take a look.

Know where clicks are coming from

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to understanding your website traffic. By familiarizing yourself with the sources of your website traffic, you can identify potential improvement areas. You can also use Google Analytics’ Acquisition report to identify how each traffic source engaged with your website.

At Zgraph, we have observed our clients’ highest quality website traffic to come from 1) Organic Search, 2) Digital Ads (certain types) and 3) Direct Traffic, respectively. from organic search, ads and direct, respectively. We measure successful website traffic by the amount of conversions, or leads, and average time spent on your site. These conversion insights are just a few perks of working with our digital marketing team.

Other types of sources, such as social media, email and referral traffic, still generate leads and are worth utilizing to the fullest! 

Quality vs. quantity

Every business owner loves to see their site traffic grow—but numbers don’t tell the whole story. You want to ensure that your site is receiving as many high-quality visits as possible. Are the people visiting your site likely to request a quote, subscribe to your newsletter, use your services or buy your product? I.e., are you seeing good conversion numbers? If not, we can help you revisit your ads approach, scope out the perfect audience and much more.

Assess your audience

Speaking of audience…

Sometimes, it just takes a few simple tweaks to narrow down your audience and reach your ideal customer. Your Zgraph team can help zero in on the perfect audience using location, demographics and other helpful information so that your dollars are going toward serious visitors.

Opt for ads that make a splash

In addition to narrowing down your ads’ audience, make sure they make a splash! According to renowned entrepreneur and web traffic expert Neil Patel, eight out of 10 people will read your ad’s headline, but only two out of 10 will read the rest! This means that you have a limited space to attract an audience to your site, so you’ll want to use it to the fullest. Our digital marketing team can compose ad copy that’s eye-catching and concise, perfect for attracting site visits in today’s on-the-go digital age.

Watch out for funny money

As is the case with any business expense, you want to get web traffic results at a great value! Always feel free to ask your digital marketing team about the behind-the-scenes costs of your ad budget. Some companies keep as much as 50 percent of your total budget, limiting the amount that is actually spent on exposure! Here at Zgraph, we keep costs to a minimum so you can reach as much of your ideal audience as possible, with your budget reserved only for justified fees such as ad company costs, creative design, tracking and active management.

Are you ready to drive quality traffic to your site? Call Zgraph today! We’re here to help you get even more clicks with eye-catching ads, audience insights and everything you need to achieve an online presence that “wows.”

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