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10 Digital Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business in 2023

10 Digital Marketing Trends to Grow Your Business in 2023

Cue the fireworks and get ready to pop the champagne – we’re headed into a brand-new year for the digital marketing space, and the outlook for growing your business’s online presence in 2023 couldn’t be more exciting. While counting down the days, we’re taking a fresh look at how sowing the seeds of new marketing efforts can help reap big rewards next year. That’s why Zgraph’s expert marketing team has compiled a list of the 10 biggest marketing trends primed to be key to a successful 2023. Read on to discover how you can stay ahead of the pack in a rapidly-changing digital space this year.

  1. Focus on Social Media Platforms That Fit Your Niche

When it comes to social media, is more always more? Sure, having plenty of quality content is an important piece of the online-engagement puzzle, as well as making your presence known on different platforms. But heading into 2023, businesses are learning that leaning into effective social media niches can help achieve more bang for your buck while connecting with that best-fit audience. For example – selling B2B exclusively? Focusing firepower on a strong LinkedIn presence can attract those major industry players into conversations involving your brand.

  1. Customers Crave an Authentic Voice

Take a close look at the brands you choose to follow on Facebook or Instagram. What do they have in common? One thing you might notice is that brand accounts garnering massive amounts of engagement are striking a balance between sales-driven content and truly connecting with their target audience.

While the old rules of pairing posts with a solid call-to-action can often still apply, partnering with a dedicated marketing team to truly find your brand’s voice (be it humorous, informational, daring, or heartfelt) can delight potential customers, earn loyal followers, and turn shared content into a viral marketing opportunity.

  1. Video-based Organic Content Drives Engagement

2023 is poised to represent a culmination of new trends in social media. TikTok continues to grow in popularity, Reels are transforming the way we view (and even navigate) Instagram, and short form video content is becoming a staple of the Internet itself. Marketing isn’t exempt. Your potential customers aren’t always equipped to engage with a call to action placed at the end of several minutes of video.

To succeed in this new climate, brands must find ways to utilize short-form video as a marketing tool. If you’re stumped on where to begin, Zgraph’s expert marketing team can help strategize new ways to implement clips to boost your brand’s online engagement – capturing customers’ eyes with content catered to any platform.

  1. Paid Advertising Can Benefit from Video Content, Too

It’s not just a phenomenon for organic content – paid advertising is also a key space to experiment with sharing video content that resonates with your ideal customer in a variety of ad formats. Keep different platforms in mind as you film and edit video content – such as in-feed or in-app advertising, Google Display Network placements throughout the web, and more. One exciting new technology on the forefront for 2023 is Connected TV advertising – which can use location and audience targeting to strategically deliver your message to ideal customers as they interact with their Smart TV or other streaming devices.

  1. Marketing Automation Can Streamline the Customer Experience

What if you could simplify the way your business interacts with potential customers along their buying journey – without losing your brand’s personal touch? 2023’s trend towards authenticity meets more opportunities for expansive business growth when you partner with an agency to create and automate drip email campaigns. This popular marketing technique provides more opportunities for you to delight customers with the right brand messaging at just the right moment – all without needing a crystal ball to predict their next move.

  1. Marketing and Sales Alignment is Crucial

Is your business starting off the new year truly in sync – or does your team need a reset to your rhythm? 2023 is bringing plenty of buzz around the concept of marketing and sales alignment. This means making sure that both sides of your business share strategic discussion, goals, and actions to secure great outcomes. Do both teams have a clear vision of the target customer – and know how to nurture that connection?

This new year is prime time to create results-focused synergy with a little help from Zgraph’s expert marketing team and CRM (customer relationship management) tools like HubSpot. As a Platinum HubSpot Partner, Zgraph is prepared to help you tailor the platform to your needs, keep track of leads, and provide a comprehensive picture of the whole company’s activities to both your sales and marketing team.

  1. Mobile-first Design is the Standard for Web

When it comes to staying connected, the future is now. Worldwide colleagues are just a cellphone call or text away, and all the world’s information can fit into a pocket or the palm of your hand. Our phones are a fixture of life – but is your website truly designed for this ever-important medium?

Zgraph works with mobile-first design – meaning, we create websites for the majority of people who are viewing your website on a mobile device first. Initial impressions count – so start 2023 strong with a foundation that optimizes your digital presence across devices.

  1. You Need Quality Search Engine Optimization to Compete

Speaking of optimization, SEO is here to stay as a staple of your digital marketing strategy. What once might have been treated as a secret recipe for success is now an industry standard. After all, endless potential clients flock to Google and other search engines to find what they need each day. Are you showing up at the top? If you haven’t cemented those rankings with high-quality SEO (and analyzing new ways to improve with the experts), customers are going elsewhere.

  1. Virtual Events are Here to Stay

While 2020 might have been the start of our mass experiment with remote work, it marked the beginning of a larger cultural shift. Whether we’re working in the same building or across oceans, the new normal involves connecting with potential clients near and far.

Another marketing tool that’s primed to make new strides in 2023? Virtual events! A well-timed webinar could be key to connecting with clients and partners in real-time. Plus, recorded content can create an excellent knowledge base and marketing resource for later use.

  1. Stay on Top of Experimental Trends

Hearing buzz about AI? The Metaverse? NFTs? New social media platforms vying for your attention? There are endless new developments in the marketing world each day – and it gets difficult to cut through the noise to discover which experimental technologies are worthwhile. It’s key to familiarize yourself with new developments in marketing – both big and small – so that your team isn’t caught off guard as the playing field changes with the times.

Zgraph’s expert team keeps pace with the world of digital marketing to learn the latest trends and where your industry is headed – so that we’re armed with the tools to make your strategy a success. Whether you need to know the latest in Facebook advertising guidelines or how to upgrade your Google Analytics account to best manage your website’s data, we’re here to help as your trusted digital marketing partner. So, are you ready to make the resolution to amp up your digital marketing game in 2023 with strategies that drive results? Buckle up and book your consultation today –  we think it’s going to be a wonderful adventure ahead.

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